Buying from a Builder

What you should know before you buy a new home from a Builder.

The biggest thing you should know before you buy a new home from a Builder, is that you still need Representation.  By that I mean, the On-site Sales Person will never represent you, they represent the Builder, PERIOD! You need someone who has your best interest in mind and who will handle any circumstances that may come up while you are in the building process.

Realtors are experienced in this process

Let your Realtor take you to your desired subdivisions.  They will make the introduction to the On-site Sales Person which will allow you to visit the model homes and get the necessary information that they have available. Realtors know the areas and usually the reputation of the different builders. It is in your best interest to use their expertise. In my many transactions with home builders, a Realtor is able to make the process a smooth and pleasant one and still represent you.

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