My Charity

animalLogoDonate or volunteer to the Williamson County Humane Society

Sometimes I feel that abandoned pets suffer much more than people because they can’t take care of themselves.  It is evident by the current affairs that the amount of pets taken to the shelter because the owner can no longer provide for their families much less their beloved pets.  After making donations to other charities which I will continue to do, I am adding the Williamson Co. Humane Society to my donation list.  I would love to have the time to volunteer there as well.

Training for Volunteers

At the Humane Society, they give training to the volunteers who are capable of donating their time to care for the existing pets.  They are in need of Dog Walkers that socialize the pet, train the pet and allow it to have exercise.  They need Cat Cuddlers to cozy up with the kitties…Groomers are a necessity to make the pet look adorable for a potential family/person to adopt them.  Anyone over the age of 10 qualifies.

Be a Foster Family

If you like variety and have the heart to take in pets until they are permanently adopted then this is for you.  The Williamson County Humane Society can always use more good homes for this purpose.

Whatever you do…do something

Get involved, adopt a new pet, donate or foster, it will do your heart good.