87% of buyers today search the Internet first

Since it is a proven fact that 87% of today’s buyers go search on the Internet first, it is very important for your property to be there. My marketing makes that happen, you will be everywhere for the world to see.

Call me for a complimentary Market Analysis to get started.  If you want top dollar for your home, let me show you how.

Here’s more information on how I market your home

I can help you list and sell your home in Austin TXLakewayWest Lake HillsRound RockCedar ParkLeanderLago Vista, Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Williamson County or all over Central Texas. My office and car can go anywhere.

Starting with the Austin MLS and my fellow Sky Realtors group of websites, I enhance and link multiple websites to benefit your home so it will get the maximum exposure on the internet. By using a wide variety of web-based marketing tools such as videos, podcasts, virtual tours, syndication to 100’s of Real Estate websites and more, I can generate your listing to the top.  Remember 87% of people looking to buy a home start with the internet.

If you would like a complete presentation of how my marketing plan works by using the Austin MLS, my companies group of websites and other marketing techniques that I use and implement, don’t hesitate to give me a call, email, text or use the Live Chat located on the Sky Realty website.


On to my Game Plan




There are many products and a wide variety of services that I have included, importantly, they are not automatic services provided by other REALTORS. My company and I subscribe to them to increase the exposure of our client’s property listings. Some of these are company-wide products and some are specific to me individually.

My Company Website

My site is open to the public 24/7,  if you want to search for homes in the Austin area with Google Map integration, it is only a click away. You will also find that the Sky Realty’s website and mine are optimized for Austin and most areas in Central Texas. This helps ensure that you the seller gets the most exposure and that the buyer’s find the information they need.  I am big into Search Engine Optimization…because I know it works.

Featured Listings

One of the first things I do when listing your home is to post your property on the featured listings section of the highly optimized, local Sky Realty agent ‘s websites. Our websites are set to focus on specific areas to gain the most exposure of all inventory for people moving to the Central Texas area or just moving up/down or around.

Tweeting Your Listings?

Yes, I can also Tweet your listing…Check out our Twitter for folks that follow our Twitter feed for the latest in real estate updates. .

Virtual Tours are for viewing it all

As part of my visual strategy, you will receive a Virtual Tour. People like to visit a home via their computer.  I am able to show the home’s assets better with a Virtual Tour. People feel like they are actually walking around in the home.

Real Estate Podcasts

Videos and podcasts are done for my listings, which I then submit to many sites (see below). These products are very effective and inexpensive. Podcasts appear when people view the video tab for their searches. I have had videos show up in many natural searches when people type in a specific areas.

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Metacafe
  • and More

Text Messaging is instant gratification

In addition to the 24/7 website,  I also enable my listings to be available 24/7 to potential buyers via text messaging.  By texting a code displayed on my signs, information on the property (including photos) and links to my website are immediately texted back to the user. They receive this information on their smart phones in a matter of seconds – it is totally green and no more empty flyer boxes.. All residential listings will show up on my mobile website for more maximum exposure.

If you would like to see a sample of our mobile website text the message “sky” to the number 88000.

Standard rates apply, we do not charge for it.

Our mobile website is provided by

Real Estate Blogs

When I list your property, you as the seller will automatically get an individual blog/s that advertises and enhances you listing to Real Estate communities such as Active Rain. These blogs show up in the natural search for a town or subdivision specific just like the podcasts.  I customize all my blogs to give the potential buyer a human feel that is informative about what your home, community, neighborhood or home has to offer.

See a sample of an optimized blog for a home in Villas at Treemont with  Active Rain.

E-flyers Locally and Internationally

I create e-flyers that are distributed to other real estate agents in Austin and surrounding areas.  It brings attention to your property to the attention of other agents. I market to other Realtors because I know 80% of the time, another agent will bring the buyer to your property.

I also use a company called . It is a  flyer program that broadcasts your home out to Google, Trulia, Zillow, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and many more Real Estate focused sites. It is a very effective way to promote your home. I call it blasting out the news.

Just Listed and Just Sold Cards

Just Listed cards notifies the neighbors that a home has recently come on the market in their neighborhood. This is important because people are always on the lookout for their friends and family.  Just Solds help me get attention from those same neighbors so they will know to call me when they are ready to sell.

Open Houses

Open Houses are sometimes a necessary evil, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. But I am enthusiastic about showing off your home to as many able bodies as possible… so me or someone in my office will do Open Houses.

Is your brain soup yet?

Is your head spinning right now?  Don’t worry I do all the work for you and I’m an expert at it. Don’t settle for the same old sign in the yard and a few flyers (which usually go to the neighbors in the first day).

That ship sailed along time ago!  That is the old way of doing listings. I am pro-active to embrace today’s technology and promotional aspects.  It is my job to promote and sell your home at a fair price in a timely fashion.

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